Photo Taken by: Fala A-Othman | Artist: Hind Al-Khatrash aka The Unconventional Woman


I have grown very fond of space.

And I took a liking in distance. For I am in favour of boundaries, that are drawn between my shadow and all that is set before me. I stand here between ancient walls and hallways. Inhaling the dust and admiring the rust.

Brushing through the crowd of unfamiliar faces, sheltered by a high ceiling and a limited sky. Where is my space? Where is my retreat? Have my footsteps lost it's place? Or was it intrude on without a greet?

In this vast world, you will always find me in the corner of my master bedroom, claustrophobic by thoughts. Hammering into worries of concrete and plastering a blistered soul.

I'm in search of depth, of dimmed colours, and talks with great length.

I'm in search of heights, of raw shades, and gently faded sights.

I'm in search of a liberated soul, that was once wounded, and have now grown tall.

But, here I am in a world stimulated with high social interactions, supported by a fierce collective society, where I can't seem to afford the legroom.

So allow me to make room for whom I please. Let the distance take its course and for the space to manifest for a change. And for the heart to grow fonder in peace.



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