Fala J. Al-Othman

Jun 26, 2019

1 min read
Photo by Edwin Andrade on Unsplash

To the ones who can’t explain their silence. As what they go through is hard to put into words. To those who shadow box their struggles as their cardio for the day. To those who are forced to host their unwelcome demons in broad daylight. To the ones who became very familiar with being numb. This ode is for you..

This is a familiar place.. Feels like I’ve seen this before.. I’ve definitely touched base with it, from different plays before.. It’s the dead-end alley, with no choice but to breakthrough. I’ve been here before.. Perhaps, longer this past year than I’d feared for. It’s my only way of rebuilding, regrouping with what I can muster from my self, to pull through. To float on the surface, and have the wave carry me to shore.. as I’ve been here before…

I write about the things that goes in your head, but fail to be expressed verbally or find its way to paper.

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