Fala J. Al-Othman

Feb 15, 2019

2 min read
Photo taken by: Fala J. Al-Othman

Falling Out

It’s baffling how the things that once brought us close together as an entity, with beautiful streams of appreciation, and a depth in our chemistry. With an innate thoughtfulness that we carry in our souls for each other, and love.. a love that was set as an example for the restless hearts out there. A love that was a benchmark for strivers and go-getters has gone pale. How do you know, that what you have has gone stale? That the yellow and sky blue shade turned into grey? That the dances you had in the rain was stolen by hail? That the anchor on your ship, changed its course and has set for sail?

We’ve stopped noticing each other, that’s how I know. We stopped noticing each other, and therefore parts of us wilted. We stopped noticing each other, and therefore we drifted. We stopped noticing each other…and that’s how I know..

When your morning ritual breaks, and goes unnoticed by me. When my humor no longer makes you laugh and my thoughtfulness is taken for granted. When our chemistry loses its substance.. When you skipped our good mornings and when I sighed through our good nights.

It’s when you asked me “since when” when I fell off the wagon again, as I trembled right in front of you, but you had no idea… Its when my care for you has become out of habit. As we waltz into each other’s sights on autopilot mode. That’s how I know..

It’s when we stopped noticing the absence of our kind elements to each other. And by that, we stopped making each other happy. The muse has dissolved and we stopped making each other happy. Our hearts have roved and we stopped making each other happy, and we were ok with that. You were ok with that.

A bitter note that I sip on everyday as I reminisce on the smooth silky sweetness aftertaste of what we had. At least that’s what I know.

I write about the things that goes in your head, but fail to be expressed verbally or find its way to paper.

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