Fala J. Al-Othman

Feb 27, 2019

1 min read


Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

There is always tomorrow they say. When I’m in the midst of my thoughts being eaten up by overthinking and over analyzing.. Do I get to live for tomorrow, if I’m tortured by it today?!

I do have few things to look forward to. My homemade Ice Coffee, with my warm bowl of Oatmeal. But, then I have to be on the road, with hundreds of phone calls and open tabs filling my mind. I’m overwhelmed today for tomorrow

I’m right about certain worries down the road coming to life. This is why I day dream, as I’m in grasp of anything to balance this madness out…

Damn you worrisome thoughts. Go to sleep! We have an early day tomorrow to worry about…

I write about the things that goes in your head, but fail to be expressed verbally or find its way to paper.

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